God is a good God. Good to all. 
All the time & All the time God is good.

Our Pastors and District Co-coordinator in Pakistan are Ps Amjad and Farzana.

Our work in Pakistan was established as an Outreach ministry of Faith Works International on the 1st of September 2014.

We hope to work with many church's in Pakistan to help spread the Word of Faith and the healing power of Jesus Christ.

We have a mission to help the needy and to educate the up and coming young people and children of Lahore and a group of people known as the 'Brick Kiln community'.   For more information about these projects click here.

No where is too far to go to share Gods Word!

We run a primary school for the poor and need children of the community.  We desperately need funds to help keep this school going.  We also run free of charge to the nationals a three day a week bible school to equip the saints in Pakistan to do the work of the ministry and plant Christian Churches all around Pakistan.  This project cost us $500.00 AU a month.  Please consider helpping us with this mission project.

If you would like to read our product information for our Bible School click here.

We are also raising funds to build a building as an orphanage, church and teaching center in Pakistan.  But until then we are doing what we can to teach the Word of truth and the healing power of Jesus to the people. We are in the process of registering to become an NGO so we can obtain land and raise the funds to build our building.  If you would like to donate to the expenses of this process we need to raise $1800.00 AU. 

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